"To me the three attributes that differentiate my job here from any other are:
Freedom, freedom and freedom."

Vikram Kharvi

Frontier Technologies

Technology has disrupted everything. Billion dollar corporations are being challenged by upstarts.  How we live –- everything from ordering food to hailing a cab to how we spend our leisure time –- has changed in the past decade, thanks to technology.

More change is coming.

In the next decade, a confluence of sciences and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning, automated driving, nanotechnology and AR/ VR will change the world, as we know it. While these ‘Frontier Technologies’ will be aimed at solving problems ailing the world like climate change, disease and poverty and bettering the quality of living, they will also trigger large scale conversations around privacy, identity and security in an increasingly digital world.

Adfactors PR’s Frontier Technologies practice helps enterprises and startups, who are pioneers in these technologies navigate the complex discussions, risks and opportunities that will emerge as societies and governments struggle to catch up with the fast pace of science. We help pioneers in the frontier technologies space scale up and convey their stories to diverse audiences.

We are a diverse group of seasoned public relations practitioners, technologists, policy experts, and storytellers. Combined our in-house team of digital practitioners and developers, we take pride in our ability to influence the influencers in the ecosystem of frontier technologies – media, developers, programmers, researchers, policy makers.

With a history of helping pioneering companies build their brands, our extended technology practice boasts of a clientele who are Fortune 500 companies like Cisco and some of India’s largest enterprises like Tata Consultancy Services and pioneering startups like Razorpay. 

The practice supported by a dedicated team of specialists. In Mumbai, it is led by Sandeep Ajgaonkar, Vice President, Adfactors PR, who was formerly Senior General Manager, Digital & Direct Marketing at Sun Pharmaceutical and, earlier, Editor & Marketing Head for Express Computer Magazine; in Delhi by Priti Setia, Group Head, who recently joined the firm from Edelman where she was Co-Lead, Integration, Delhi. The practice will be supported by Adfactors PR’s extended team including data scientists, programmers and developers.