"To me the three attributes that differentiate my job here from any other are:
Freedom, freedom and freedom."

Vikram Kharvi

Consumer Goods

India is fast transforming into a consumer society. The change is being brought in by a huge growth in household wealth, buoyed by appreciation of gold, land and stocks. An average GDP growth in excess of 6 per cent through the last decade has seen rising incomes across socio-economic strata. There is a sense of hope and optimism in every Indian that tomorrow will be better. Added to this is a cultural shift, where conspicuous consumption is no longer a taboo.

As government policy focuses on improving social indicators, a digital revolution that will bring broadband connectivity to 300,000 villages is on the anvil. Added to this, as logistics for the farm produce improve, rural India will become the expanded theatre of action for marketers.

The Consumer Communications Practice, serves a host of brands across the FMCG, e-commerce, consumer durables, retail and services spectrum. The brands include Johnson & Johnson (consumer division), Kelloggs’s, Hershey’s, Burger King, Mother Diary, LEGO, Bata, Snapdeal and Kalyan Jewellers among others.

An integrated approach to communications, backed by research and analytics, an unmatched outreach capability to reach every district of India, creative and experience design competence, and a sharp sense of news enable us to craft effective communication programmes that best suit our clients' needs.

Lavang Khare
Lavang Khare
Senior Vice President