"Rare for businesses to hit perfect chord of unison with any PR organisation… we hit it with Adfactors PR for 15 years!"

V.P. Mahendru
Chairman & MD, Eon Electric Ltd

Public Affairs

Ask a set of five randomly chosen 'public affairs' practitioners and they are likely to provide five different perspectives on what they understand as public affairs. The practitioners include a broad set of players such as the big four consulting firms, law firms, specialist public affair firms and PR firms providing public affairs services.

India does not yet have a regulatory framework that sets specific guidelines for the conduct of public affairs, and that makes the situation a trifle complex. There is an air of intrigue and in recent years, we have witnessed a host of situations involving public affairs/government relations practitioners.

At Adfactors PR, we believe that business is a constructive constituent of society and must present its perspective on any aspect of public policy – existing or in the making.

We assist clients in addressing a range of public policy issues by enabling their voice to be a part of the discourse. This involves understanding the issues, identifying the right stakeholders, monitoring the policy framework, developing strategic content and assisting our clients in engaging relevant influencers and policy-makers.

Our approach involves building coalitions, grassroots mobilisation of stakeholders, research and message development, consensus building activities through mass communications and digital media, and outreach programmes that aim to align our clients' perspectives with public policy interests.

Srikanth Srinivas
Srikanth Srinivas
Senior Vice-President

Former banker, including 9 years at the World Bank, and a senior journalist. Has over 30 years of professional experience.