"Counter-intuitive but true… it is humility that keeps us on top of everything."

Ajit Pai
Group Head

Media Relations

The business of PR is about influencing the influencers. The media is the mother of all influencers as all influencers converge on the media platform to amplify their issues with business and other powerful constituents of society.

India presents an unmatched media complexity. We have a staggering 90,000 registered newspapers published in 40 languages, and over 700 TV news channels. Over 90 per cent readers consume media in regional languages; of the 10 largest circulated newspapers, only one is English. We are a unique market, where print is still growing. One also has to factor in the explosion in digital media with a new breed of editors, bloggers and activist-influencers.

The complexity doesn't end here. The media dynamic is rapidly changing with corporatisation of media houses, the trend of paid news, ownerships increasingly concentrated with business houses and political entities, and a general lack of rigour combined with slow legal redressal.

Navigating such a media environment requires local knowledge, expertise, relationships, and a sound engagement capability. Media relations is a core strength of Adfactors PR – spanning three generations of journalists. We combine editorial expertise, relationships, reach, analytics, and new-age content competence as a winning formula. Our rich pool of experts, drawn from virtually every major media house, deliver large and complex mandates with media relations as a strategic element of the PR programme.

Rakesh Hari Pathak
Rakesh Hari Pathak
Senior Vice-President

Post-graduate in Economics, former Business Editor of PTI. Led Corp Comm functions of Essar Group in North India. Has over 28 years of experience in communications.