"Counter-intuitive but true… it is humility that keeps us on top of everything."

Ajit Pai
Senior Account Director

Experiential PR and Events

Award-winning author Dov Seidman once commented, "In the post-Internet Age, out-behaving competitors has become critical to outperforming them." At Adfactors XD, we believe that the key to brands 'out-behaving' lies in meticulously planning and executing the brand experience. This includes the entire set of stimuli, conscious as well as sub-conscious that the brand's consumers undergo during their interaction with every aspect and every touch-point of a brand.

We are delighted to introduce Adfactors XD, our brand-new experiential division that delivers outstanding experiences that result in pleasant memories, and fantastic word-of-mouth/mouse at the consumers' end. This is particularly relevant in today's world where brand experiences and social media posts (apparently, everyone is a publisher nowadays) are shaping brand perceptions in social media.

Experience design practice provides outstanding ROI on your brand budgets.

Come, experience our design.

Yashesh Shethia
Yashesh Shethia
Chief Experience Architect

B.Com, PG Diploma - Marketing. Has over 25 years' experience in India/overseas across event, experiential marketing, brand strategy and experience.