"To me the three attributes that differentiate my job here from any other are: Freedom, freedom and freedom."

Vikram Kharvi
Senior Group Head

Digital Crisis Defence

An AI-enabled digital crisis management solution for Banking and Financial Services brands.

In the BFSI sector, 40% of crises that adversely impact a brand’s corporate reputation, originate on digital channels. Unlike in traditional media, on digital channels an issue can exponentially escalate to a crisis, as it triggers a cascade of negative conversations through influential and unanticipated sources within an eco-system.

Every crisis situation is specific to a brand and multi-dimensional in terms of its business, social and cultural context. In isolation, generic technologies, methods and expertise may not be able to effectively manage a crisis.

Adfactors Digital Crisis Defence, India’s first AI-enabled crisis management solution for the Banking and Financial Services sector, combines proprietary technology, data-intelligence, digital and crisis communication expertise to offer bespoke solutions that safeguard brand reputation.