"Complacency is not encouraged, indifference is anathema and ego, a stranger not to go home with."

Deeptha Rajkumar
Group Head

Digital and Social

As digital-social becomes mainstream in India, every marcom service provider is rightfully working to transform their service offering for a larger share of the digital pie.

So, what can a public relations firm do best that is consistent with its DNA and its mandate of reputation management?

Our focus is managing online reputation through engaging online editors, professional bloggers, and active stakeholders – who are shaping narratives and impacting corporate reputations. Our work is shaped by the rule of 999C to 99C, where 1 influencer creates a view or an opinion, 9 curate it and 999 consume the same. The business of PR is to influence the influencer and thus, we concentrate on the 1+9. Managing online crisis and reputation issues is a fast-growing body of our work.

Our suite of services includes the entire range of digital-social services to achieve the above. The 50-plus member diverse team comprises experts in data science, social media outreach, content and design, online advertising, web and apps development, and search engine optimisation. We have full-fledged in-house technology and video content teams.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, we were perhaps the only PR firm in India that won multiple awards for digital campaigns, including a Sabre and two DMAi Golds for our work on clients such as Aviva India, ICICI Bank and Goa Tourism.