"This is not my workplace, this is my own company."

Arwa Husain

Experiential Marketing & Virtual Events

An agency-wide service designed to deliver virtual as well as hybrid experiences either as stand-alone events or as a complement to existing influencer campaigns

The competition for people’s attention and interest has never been more intense, and this is particularly the case online and in a virtual context. Clients are looking to apply all the skills of storytelling, influencer engagement, positioning and – increasingly – the idea of provocation to really distinguish their message and direct it to the people that matter.

The Virtual Events division reflects this increasing shift towards online and continuous engagement with consumers, partners, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

The idea of virtual engagement through events or as part of an ongoing communications programme is here to stay and an area of growth for our industry.

Adfactors PR’s Experiential Marketing & Virtual Events team delivers virtual conferences for employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders, as well as virtual town halls, product launches, international events and other online experiences. The team is also equipped to produce interactive studio-style broadcasts, digital avatars, interactive content, gamification apps all creatively conceived and delivered to meet brands’ business and communications objectives.

New technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence provide an unprecedented creative pallet to develop creative campaigns. But the real opportunity – and fundamental to our offering – is the ability to deliver them in the context of an organization’s strategic objectives, in a truly integrated way. Within the heart of the country’s leading PR firm is the perfect base from which to deliver such an offering.

Adfactors PR Virtual Events show reel

Zarif Tapia
Zarif Tapia
Vice President - Virtual Events

Zarif is a 20-year veteran of events and experiential marketing in India. Previously worked with leading experiential divisions, events marketing firms, and event agencies. A Science graduate from Mumbai University and M.B.A. in Marketing; Zarif is passionate about fitness, coaching and transformational learning.