April - June 2015
Issue No. 5

6 ways to grow business through Content Marketing

By Ronita Dutta Sachdev
A savvy marketer believes that an effective content marketing strategy can transform a firm’s communication to internal and external customers, make a positive impact on an organisation’s reputation and bring in substantial business.

This is why content marketing has emerged as a frontrunner in the marketing world over the last few years. Here are the six major ways in which content marketing is making its impact.

Generate leads: Smart companies are known to achieve substantial portions of their annual sales through an effective content marketing strategy. Such companies use a judicious mix of event related content such as press releases, webinar abstracts, webinar summaries and thought leadership content such as articles, blogposts, solution briefs and case studies to reach out to their target groups. Platforms used include emailers, websites, social media platforms, thought leadership platforms on traditional media and also niche online groups.

Nurture prospects : Smart companies also know that purchase decisions are not made in the blink of an eye. They are aware that consumers nowadays do extensive online research before making the choice to buy. In fact, studies indicate that the bigger the purchase value, more the research done and more the information and content demanded. Thus, at every stage of the buying process, content marketing has the potential to play an invaluable role in providing relevant information for the benefit of customers and future prospects.

Enhance SEO : In a scenario when most new-age consumers are searching online for information on products and services, a company’s website has to rank high on search results to attract consumers. Content marketing that increases SEO or Search Engine Optimisation—by adding specific keywords and also editing a website’s content, HTML and associated coding—effectively contributes in increasing a website’s relevance to prospective consumers. According to experts, search engines will soon prioritize mobile-friendly websites and content. Relevant and engaging short form content optimized for mobile viewing will help a website rank high in organic web searches. Search engines also take into account the ‘shareability’ and link buzz when ranking websites.

Establish brand leadership : The modern consumer wants to hear directly from the brand. Fantastic authentic content that addresses their requirements can push brand recall, drive loyalty and ensure critical word-of-mouth recommendations. This can be achieved through newsletters, emailers, websites and social media engagements.

Power e-commerce engines : Engaging content on an e-commerce portal can attract customers and keep them coming back for more. From blogposts, to ‘how to’ guides and videos, to creative FAQs and testimonials, interesting content, gorgeous images and creative delivery formats can catapult the e-commerce portal to new heights.

Engage internal stakeholders: The best ambassadors to drive maximum awareness and sales of a brand/product are internal stakeholders. Though one may not immediately associate content marketing with internal communications, it is a fact that content marketing tools are extremely effective in communicating and engaging with internal stakeholders. By leveraging the organization’s Intranet as a platform to host interesting content, one can establish a chain of communication and effectively engage with employees.

(The author is the Director – Marketing Communications at Yorke Communications, an Adfactors Group company that specialises in content marketing)