April - June 2015
Issue No. 5

17th ACM sets ambitious change agenda

Adfactors PR conducted its 17th Annual Change Meeting (ACM) on April 18, 2015. The day-long ACM is similar to an Annual General Meeting, where the entire organisation comes together on one platform to review the year gone by, and chart out business plans and change agenda for the future.

The gathering is addressed by senior leaders as well as heads of each business vertical.

Adfactors PR Chairman Rajesh Chaturvedi, who carries the epithet of CRO (Chief Relations Officer), opened the proceedings with a stimulating speech on the importance of nurturing relationships and engagements – be it with clients, media, influencers, or with fellow colleagues. “In the digital world, where people communicate more through calls, emails and e-messages, many PR professionals are undermining the value of stakeholder engagement through one-on-one and face-to-face discussions. It’s best to combine the traditional ways of personal engagement with new-age digital handshakes, for lasting relationships.”

Like every year, the highlight of ACM 2015 was the much-anticipated keynote address by the firm’s Managing Director, Madan Bahal. This ACM, he emphasised the ‘change priorities’ for the firm and shared his goals over the next three years. “As a consultancy and also as individuals, we must embrace digital technology as a way of life. Every activity that we propose for our clients should have a digital element. Alongside, we need to focus on innovative ideas, creative thinking, and quality content.”

These, he explained, are some of the recurring demands by the firm’s clients – as revealed by the Client Satisfaction Survey 2014-15.

On future business outlook, he stressed on the need to push for a 20%-plus growth every year, over the next three years. “We should aspire to cross Rs 200 crore in revenue. In parallel, the firm must look at attracting and nurturing the best talent in business. I wish to see Adfactors PR emerge as the most engaged firm with its principal stakeholders – our people and our clients—and all those who influence and impact our clients’ businesses.”

He announced to the congregation that “…we will all see a totally transformed Adfactors PR at the end of this period. We shall also put a line of succession in place and this will involve appointing a CEO, a COO, and a Head of Stakeholder Relationships. We shall also identify successors for our mature verticals.”

Before the keynote address, team leaders from each of the 21 SBUs presented a review of the year gone by and a perspective for the year ahead, with special emphasis on how they planned to evolve their respective practices.

True to the participative nature of the ACM, the Directors of the firm shared valuable insights related to the communications business. Dr Pradeep Raje, who heads the BFSI vertical, held forth on the role of technology in a modern PR firm. He explained in detail how digital influencers were changing the dynamics of customer and investor behaviour. “We must embrace technology to enhance productivity, so that we can optimize value for our clients.”

Arun Ohri, Director – Capital Market Communications, presented his perspective on financial communications in a rapidly evolving environment where technology is disrupting the entire BFSI sector and the way capital markets disseminate and consume information.

Percy Dubash, Director – Corporate, highlighted the need for PR practitioners to understand the dynamics of influence and corporate reputation in a changing world. “Stakeholders are interested in a balanced scorecard of any client organisation and we should learn to present a holistic story in managing reputation for our clients”, he said.

Nijay Nair, Senior V-P, Strategy and Planning, summarised the workings of the firm and presented a new set of metrics that would be used to evaluate performance of Adfactors PR in the years ahead.