November, 2017
Issue No. 23 / Archive


On October 24, the Finance Ministry announced a Rs 2.11 trillion PSU bank recapitalisation plan. Will this engineer the end to the bad loan problem? We don’t know if it’s going to work, really. Which banks get what, how much and when. While the debate is still on, we have our in-house analyst, Srikanth Srinivas clear the dust around what it means for the economy and where it is all headed. Additionally, in the ‘Video of the month’, we have Mr. Ausang Shukla, Managing Director, Ambit Corporate Finance offer his views on the bank recapitalisation plan. Besides we have the regular news cap for the month, people movements and upcoming events. We look forward to receiving your feedback and guidance on the newsletter. Until then, enjoy your time down Bankstreet!

  Policy Watch

Causes and Consequences

Srikanth Srinivas ponders over the government's decision to aid in cleaning up public sector banks’ balance sheets.

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