August, 2017
Issue No. 21 / Archive


India’s tryst with the monumental Goods and Services Tax (GST) has begun, and the entire world stands on the sidelines, closely monitoring its developments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has touted its success as an example that will be analysed by other countries in the years to come – he calls it a ‘social movement’ more than an economic reform. The 360 degree shift has ushered in a series of queries and concerns for the prepared and underprepared alike. This has been met with immense support from a plethora of organisations and the government, and while some sectors have benefitted, some others are still fighting an uphill battle. While there have been mixed industry reactions, positivity seems to be the resounding sentiment; industry bodies claim that inflation projections for India have been reduced

  Policy Watch

Bank’s Nemo moment: Now What?

Dr. Pradeep Raje questions the course of action that will be taken under the IBC proceedings and whether it will make a difference to the banks and the defaulters.

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