July, 2017
Issue No. 20 / Archive


The last month has passed by in a great bustle: a plethora of economic reforms have been put in place and the policy landscape is changing fast. The three key events that defined the last thirty days for the banking and finance sector, not to mention the economy at large, are the implementation of GST, the RBI stepping in to solve the NPA problem and the snowballing of farm loan waivers across the country. Policy transitions in India have always been a tricky affair; the complexity of the economy renders legacy issues to contend with at every turn. Much has been said about the Goods and Services Tax the landmark tax reform that India stands to benefit immensely from. The first two weeks seem to have gone by without any major disruptions in the economy, and supply chains seem to functioning well.

  Policy Watch

So Much News,
So Little Time

Half-way into 2017, does a review of economic prospects suggest cautious optimism? Asks Srikanth Srinivas, as he looks back on the announcements made in the last two months

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