June, 2017
Issue No. 19 / Archive


‘The preparations are in full swing for a smooth implementation of the landmark tax reform from 1st July, 2017’ tweeted the Ministry of Finance on June 13, against a backdrop of speculation and prediction of mayhem. Between the onboarding of all the Indian states, setting of tax slabs, finalizing the tax rates for a number of goods and services, preparation of end-to-end IT infrastructure, finalizing of policy matters at central and state levels and administrative division of taxpayers between the states and the centre, one can prophesize that the implementation of the landmark economic reform will be nothing short of chaotic. Despite all the rising conjecture, the short term implications and long term effects of years of preparation will begin to unravel only in the months,


Why storytelling is far more important than child's play – especially for bankers

“For India’s banks, the future is being part of other people’s stories”, says Roger Darashah, COO, Adfactors PR.

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