May, 2017
Issue No. 18 / Archive


The past thirty days has seen several announcements of annual financial results, and while some companies have beaten street estimates and others disappointed, the terms ‘bad loans’ and ‘non-performing assets’ continued to dominate headlines. The Narendra Modi government’s ordinance on bad loans is an acknowledgement that the bad loan scenario is far more worrying than how the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) portrayed it.

The NPA ordinance has been the talk of the town ever since. The issue of bad loans has been in conversation for far too long and bankers have been struggling with it for quite some time, in spite of being empowered by an alphabet-soup of initiatives

  Policy Watch

Winds of change,
or are they?

“Passing the buck the best idea?” asks Dr. Pradeep Raje as he critiques the latest ordinance by the Union government and what it means for the ‘bad loans’ problem in the economy.

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