April, 2017
Issue No. 17 / Archive


Moving on, after what can definitely be described as an eventful year for the banking and finance industry, we charge headfirst into a new economic year with a slew of positive reforms that ring a note of optimism. While many have been of the opinion that demonetisation caused an immediate cash crunch and hurt economic growth, an overwhelming number believe that temporary setbacks notwithstanding, the note ban will have a positive development impact in the long term as it increases transparency and fosters greater financial inclusion, eliminating tax evasion and corruption and promoting the use of electronic payments. As far as the way forward is concerned, experts have claimed that India’s growth rate will improve 7.4 per cent in FY18 and 7.6 per in FY19.

  Policy Watch

Teetering at the Edge

'Are we on the cusp of one or more revolutions?' asks Srikanth Srinivas as he ponders over the developments in the political and economic landscape and how they’re pointing towards a consequential change in the future.

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