December, 2016
Issue No. 13

From Our Desk

It is with great pleasure we bring to you the anniversary issue of BankStreet. As we inch towards the end of another eventful year, we strive to keep you to up to speed on the latest developments in the banking and finance industry.

The event of demonetisation has made waves in the Indian and international media alike, tempers have risen and been pacified,

  Policy Watch

A Shock to the System

“The government and its supporters are changing the storylines about the rationale behind demonetisation”, says Srikanth Srinivas.

In the 1980s, one of Bolivia’s biggest imports was currency: its own. Planeloads amounting to thousands of tonnes of currency notes was imported from Germany, Brazil and Argentina to meet rising demands. Some people in India might be wishing that the Indian government could do that to meet the current currency shortages; sadly for them, relief is probably six or seven months away. Which begs the question: what has demonetisation actually achieved?

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