June, 2016
Issue No. 7
From Our Desk

It is safe to say that the Finance Ministry will be hard placed to find an easy replacement to Raghuram Rajan. This is probably why commentary around June’s Credit Policy measures have focused much more on his reappointment or departure, rather than policy measures themselves.

This is precisely why our in-house columnist and veteran journalist, Srikanth Srinivas, chose to look at beyond the obvious. What kind of an RBI Governor do we need right now? How do we pick him? Should we –  and do we pick our RBI Governor for the challenges at hand (the idea of horses for courses) or because of their reputation and abilities, or both? In the light of possible changes in the coming three months, these are interesting questions.

Whatever happens, the implications and effects will be long lasting. So long then, happy reading!


Arwa Husain
Senior Vice President at Adfactors PR